Sunday, December 24, 2006

Thursday, December 21, 2006

The 30-Second News

Recent reports have highly-touted QB recruit Jimmy Clausen decommitting from Notre Dame, and instead giving his verbal to the University of Oregon. He cites the new "flame" helmets as the main reason for this decision, saying, "I want to be flaming every time I step on the field."

I'll Take One of Whatever He Just Had

Now I can't guarantee that this is a Michigan fan...but here is the video's description (posted the night of the loss to TSIW):


Either it's a Michigan fan - which would be pretty funny considering they got jumped in the polls - or it's a Bruin fan - which would just make a lot more sense.

Who Says American Girls Are Boring?

Some recent news reports have suggested that Miss USA and Miss Teen USA were seen at a New York club drinking and kissing each other. W..w..wait...are you serious? THE Miss USA and Miss Teen USA...the girls with the sashes and tiaras? It's official folks, the United States is officially in the Paris Hilton era. Officially. And thanks to YouTube, Generation X gets to watch.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

TMB in Rome

One of my favorite YouTube videos...Fight on!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Finals Week!

I'm going to be "studying" all week...yeah, that's it. Studying.

Fight on! Beat the Wolverines!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

(Baby) Blue Saturday

The Bruins beat the Trojans this weekend - the second loss for the Men of Troy in their last two trips to Pasadena. An especially sad loss for Play Tusk!, as Trojan fans were unable to enjoy the namesake of this site on Saturday. In addition, the mascot of this site, the Victory Bell, has been handed back to the boys of Westwood - and repainted in the most obnoxious color this side of Irish blue.

It is not all bad news for our Trojans - they are still Pac 10 champions for a record 5th straight season. Oh yeah, and they have a date with the Wolverines at the Grandaddy on News Year Day.

In response to the loss...and the regeneration of a rivalry that has been relatively lame for the better part of the last 15 years...this website has started a Countdown Clock recognizing the date at which we will return our precious bell to its rightful color of Cardinal. In addition, that school in Westwood will no longer be referred to by name - I just can't stand to write it.

Fight on and Beat the Wolverines! Let's bring another Rose Bowl Championship back to Troy!

Thursday, November 30, 2006


It's UCLA week...which means it is time to Play Tusk non-stop for the entire week. So here goes...this version coming from the TMB's performance at the Grammy's with Fleetwood Mac! Fight on! U-C-L-A Sucks!

Fight on! UCLA

Here is a clip from a UCLA football the end of which some bRuin fans throw up some spectacular "Fight on!" signs. Welcome to good side, bRuins! Fight on!

Monday, November 27, 2006

Only In The SEC

This week's version of "Only in the SEC" brings us a story of good ol' frat hazing...Southern style. A little more than a week ago, police found a goat in the basement of an LSU frat house after getting tips of Initiation Night violations. In honor of fair storytelling, we will report that the frat claims the goat is their national mascot. Admittedly, a goat is probably not worse than a dead horse - but this frat is still on Double Secret Probation until further notice.

Really? A Goat?!?

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Random Photoshop Work of the Week

The Ghost of "Touchdown Leinart" helped protect the Trojans in South Bend last year.

Rudy Was Offsides!

It's Notre Dame week...which means it's time to rag on the Irish. Here's a few of my favorite Domer jokes from over the years...

What do Notre Dame and marijuna have in common?
They both get smoked in bowls.

What do you call a 200-pound Notre Dame cheerleader?

Why was Jesus not born in South Bend?
Nobody could find Three Wise Men or a Virgin.

Why did OJ Simpson go to South Bend after "killing" his wife?
Notre Dame is the last place anyone would look for a football player.

If you have any other good ones...just post them in the comment section. If they're good enough, I'll add them to the list.


Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Fight on! BEAT CAL!

It's Cal week, the Pac 10 Championship is on the line. Here is a video to remember the last time Cal came in to the Coliseum with a chance to win the Pac 10 and ruin SC's title hopes.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Play Tusk! Top 25

1. Ohio State
2. Michigan
3. Southern California
4. Florida
5. Louisiana State
6. Notre Dame
7. Rutgers
8. West Virginia
9. Texas
10. Arkansas
11. Boise State
12. Auburn
13. Louisville
14. Wisconsin
15. California
16. Georgia Tech
17. Oklahoma
18. Wake Forest
19. Virginia Tech
20. Maryland
21. Tennessee
22. Nebraska
23. Boston College
24. Clemson
25. Brigham Young

The Sunday Hangover

The Game of the Century is now set for next week in Columbus. Meeechigan and THE Ohio State both managed to stay focused enough to stay undefeated - and now the nation will be treated to a #1 v. #2 game in one of the best rivalry games in the country. Thanks to upset losses by Louisville, Auburn and Texas the Trojans are back in the driver's seat to play in Glendale - with Urban Meyer and the Gators wondering about the computers (Ask 2003 USC or 2004 Auburn how that feels). The Trojans, however, have a gauntlet ahead of them with Cal, Notre Dame and the pesky cross-town bRuins in the next three weeks. This should (continue) to be a great November. This is why we all watch college football!

Best Win: Rutgers d. Louisville
For the second straight week, the Thursday night game featured a Big East team winning the "biggest game in the history of the program." And what a great win it was for Greg Schiano and the Scarlet Knights. Do they deserve a title shot if they run the table? Probably. But they wont get it. They will, however, earn the respect of the college football world - which is saying a lot considering they were the laughing stock of the nation just a few short years ago.

Worst Loss: Georgia d. Auburn
This is the same Georgia team that lost to Kentucky last week. As in, the Kentucky "When does basketball start?" Wildcats. Why is it that Tuberville's team always seems to be looking toward the future? Well, when the head coach is constantly making public statements about the current BCS Standings it is easy to figure out why this team seems to lack focus for the "lull" games. Maybe it is a hangover from the 2004 season, but Tuberville needs to get his team to starting winning games and stop worrying about the rankings.

Biggest Upset: Arizona d. California
Well, if Tommy Tuberville is not elligible for the "Tommy Tuberville Award For Looking Past a Team", than Jeff Tedford wins it this week. With a potentially HUGE game with the Trojans next Saturday, the Bears waltzed into the desert with one loss on their record, and limped out with two. Mike Stoops seems to be making these ambushes a yearly occurance, and dont be surprised if the 'Cats start winning much more often in the years to come.

Best Play: Florida's Jarvis Moss Blocks FG To Beat The Gamecocks
This play not only won the game against the Ol' Ballcoach, but keeps the Gators in contention for the title. Although they are currently #4 in the BCS, a lot can happen between now and then. Moss just helped to keep the Gator's travel plans up in the air.

Worst Play: Louisville Offsides on FG Attempt
I understand that the kid is trying to make a play...but offsides? Seriously. Well, Louisville is now out of the title picture and Rutgers (RUTGERS!!!) is still undefeated. Just a terrible mental mistake that cost his team the game. Granted, overtime on the road is tough - but the Knights' confidence would have taken a shot with that miss.

Images of the Day:
#1 Ohio State vs. #2 Michigan - Let's Play Some Football


Honoring a Fallen Teammate: RIP Bryan Pata

Friday, November 10, 2006

The Friday Tailgate

Play Tusk! Picks Against the Spread
Record: 21-19 (4-6)

Game 1: Tennessee +6.5 @ Arkansas
Winner: Tennessee

Game 2: Nebraska PICK 'EM @ Texas A&M
Winner: Texas A&M

Game 3: South Carolina +13 @ Florida
Winner: South Carolina

Game 4: Texas Tech +9 @ Oklahoma
Winner: Oklahoma

Game 5: Georgia +13 @ Auburn
Winner: Auburn

Hometown Teams

Go U Northwestern! Ohio State -23.5 @ Northwestern
Winner: Northwestern

Shoulder to Shoulder! Iowa State +8 @ Colorado
Winner: Colorado

Fight on! Oregon +8.5 @ USC
Winner: USC


Game of the Week: Oregon @ USC
Loser is done in the Pac 10, and heading to El Paso in December. This game will go a long way towards determining standings at the end of the season.

Upset Watch: South Carolina @ Florida
Hard to bet against the Ol' Ballcoach with this much motivation. Florida should win this, but it would not surprise me if Spurrier worked his magic for an upset in the Swamp.

Heisman Watch: Louisville @ Rutgers
Ray Rice forces his was into Heisman contention with his inspired performance against Louisville on Friday. I still don't think anyone can steal the Heisman from Troy Smith if the Buckeyes beat Michigan.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Play Tusk! Reachers 1000 Visitors

We did it! We reached 1000 visitors! This "great" milestone was reached earlier this week, so to celebrate we will....PLAY TUSK! Just remember...U-C-L-A SUCKS! Fight on!

Monday, November 06, 2006

The Albert Haynesworth School of Cheapshots

Here, Oregon's Dante Rosario (Senior TE) is seen pulling a page from the book of Albert Haynesworth (and/or Marcus Vick) with this cheapshot against Cal. This is what we are up against this week, Trojans, watch out!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Fan Law

Here is a list of Laws that all fans of College Football should abide by while attending games:

Fan Law #1: Do Not Create a Sign Just To Get on TV

(^^^ Not acceptable ^^^)
This rules includes any sign that shamefully displays "ESPN" (or FSN, ABC, CBS, etc) in an effort to get on TV. You are there to watch the game and cheer for your team - making SportsCenter highlights for half a second is not worth degrading yourself with that sign.

Fan Law #2 Do Not Attend the Game in a Costume

(^^^ Not acceptable ^^^)
No matter the Holiday, it is unacceptable to attend a sporting event dressed as Santa, Spiderman or even a Gorilla. Everyone already knows what Holiday it is - we do not need your obnoxious get-up to remind us. (Note: Exceptions to this rule made be made for women - but the costume better be HOT.)

(^^^ Acceptable!!! ^^^)

Fan Law #3 Do Not Sit in the Student Section

Student sections are explicity for standing and yelling. If you do not want to adhere to these rules than go home. Anybody asking fellow students to sit "down in front" shall be kicked in the face. This rule applies to the entire stadium on key plays.(Note: The LONE exception to this rule is halftime - NOT quarter breaks - just halftime.)

Fan Law #4 Body Painting Rules

4A. The fatest kid in the group must be the "O". If their is no "O" in the name of your school - the fat kid is not allowed to paint. Sorry. Here is an example of why this rule must be in place...

4B. The body painting group must travel as a group - we do not want to see "GO ROJANS!" in the front row because the "T" has a small bladder.
4C. If you are going to paint, you must get front row seats. Otherwise you are just obnoxious - and you message could be hard to read or obstructed by fans in front of you.

Fan Law #5 Wear Your Team's Color (Wear Cardinal!)
This means no white, no alternate jerseys (like the gold ones sold in the USC bookstore...those are embarrasing). You do not need to stand out when the cameras pan across the crowd - the goal here is unity within a fanbase. An example of a school that does this well is down in Rocky Top - Tennessee fans at Neyland Stadium make sure the world knows that their color is puke orange.

(Good job Vols!)

Fan Law #6 Do Not Start a Fire(Insert Coach Name Here).com Website and Promote it at a Game
Gameday is all about the players and students. Do not rain on their parade by being that old, disgruntled alum that everyone tries to ignore. These kids have worked their asses off all week preparing for this game - show them some respect and cheer your ass off.

Addendum: This rule now includes not booing - players or coaches - at a game.

Fan Law #7 Do Not Let Jenn Sterger in the Front of Your Student Section

Your school should have at least some coeds that are at least at hot as this publicity hound. Replace her (and her fake....spirit) with real girls that actually go to your school. And guys, she isnt going to sleep with you because you give her your seat.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

The Sunday Hangover

The Trojans are back, and still in control of their own (Rose Bowl) destiny. However, the three teams that the Trojans will face in the next three weeks looked stellar, with Oregon, Notre Dame and Cal all winning big. Michigan and Ohio State both win by just one possession - but in Novemeber, winning is winning. Speaking of winning - the Gators hang on against Vandy - and clinch a spot in the SEC title game. If Florida wins out, they have a legitimate argument for a spot in the national title game (along with Louisville, USC, Cal, Texas, Auburn, Ohio State, Michigan and Notre Dame). The two teams off this list that can avoid mistakes from here on out will be in Glendale come January.

Best Win: Louisville d. West Virginia
Louisville proved that they are for real - at least until they play undefeated Rutgers this week. The winner of this game would have the inside track to the national title game - and Louisville simply outplayed a West Virginia team that experts thought would dominate.

Worst Loss: Maryland d. Clemson
Since beating Georgia Tech a few weeks ago, and doing so in convincing fashion, the Tigers have simply choked - losing to unranked (at the time) Virginia Tech and Maryland. The pressure of late season games seems to have caught up with this young Clemson squad. The Tigers have almost no shot at playing for an ACC title - this season's hopes are all but gone for a once promising team.

Biggest Upset: Arizona d. Washington State
The Cougs had finally cracked the top 25 - and then, like always - they Coug'd It. Arizona is a decent team - but Washington State had been rolling and they had the Cats at home! Arizona could soon be a force in the Pac 10 if they continue their steady improvement under (Mike) Stoops.

Best Play: Desean Jackson Punt Return
Desean Jackson's punt return late in the 3rd quarter sealed the victory against the rival Bruins, and helps to set up a mammoth matchup with LA's other team in two weeks - as long as the Trojans and Bears can get it done this week against the Ducks and Wildcats. This was Desean's third punt return touchdown this year - and his explosiveness could be a huge factor on the 18th in the Coliseum.

Worst Play: Joe Pa's Knee Injury
79-year-old Joe Paterno took a helmet to his left knee in a collision that would leave most top athletes with 9-months of recovery. Joe Pa tried to tough it out, but was clearly in too much pain to even stand. I wish this great coach the best of luck in recovery from a pretty devasting injury.

Images of the Day:

Early Doucet and the Bayou Bengals Drop Tennessee in Rocky Top

McFadden and The Hogs Continue to Win

Fade to Black: Louisville in the Title Hunt After Upsetting the 'Eers

Play Tusk! Top 25

1. Ohio State
2. Michigan
3. Louisville
4. Texas
5. Auburn
6. Florida
7. Southern California
8. Louisiana State
9. California
10. West Virginia
11. Notre Dame
12. Tennessee
13. Boise State
14. Rutgers
15. Arkansas
16. Georgia Tech
17. Oklahoma
18. Wisconsin
19. Wake Forest
20. Oregon
21. Virginia Tech
22. Nebraska
23. Maryland
24. Boston College
25. Clemson

Friday, November 03, 2006

The Friday Tailgate

Play Tusk! Picks Against the Spread
Record: 17-15 (4-6)

Game 1: LSU -4.5 @ Tennessee
Winner: Tennessee

Game 2: UCLA +17 @ California
Winner: California

Game 3: Boston College -4 @ Wake Forest
Winner: Boston College

Game 4: Oklahoma -3 @ Texas A&M
Winner: Oklahoma

Game 5: Penn St. +7 @ Wisconsin
Winner: Wisconsin

Hometown Teams

Go U Northwestern! Northwestern +19.5 @ Iowa
Winner: Nortwestern

Shoulder to Shoulder! Kansas St. +3.5 @ Colorado
Winner: Colorado

Fight on! USC -28 @ Stanford
Winner: USC


Game of the Week: West Virginia @ Louisville
I know, I know. This game has already been played (I predicted a 38-21 Louisville win, for the record), but it is still the most important game of the week(end). Louisville put themselves in the driver's seat in the Big East, and gave themselves a shot at a national title appearance. Steve Slaton and Pat White did not put forth a championship effort, and that is what is expected from the "greatest" running attack since, well, last season. The Mountaineers proved to the nation that they were undefeated because of their schedule - not because they were the 3rd best team in the nation. Louisville should now be 3rd in the polls - but will need to win out convincingly in order to hold that spot. A one-loss SEC, Pac 10 or even Big 10 team will have a legitimate argument to play in the title game if Louisville finishes the season in unspectacular season.

Upset Watch: Ohio State @ Illinois
If Ohio State is going to lose before The Game, it will be this weekend. A very young and talented Illinois team has been getting better and better as the season continues, and this is their National Championship game. If the Illini can limit turnovers (to zero), and can hang around through the first three quarters, we could see a fourth quarter that gives Juice and the orange and blue a chance to pull off an upset for the ages.

Heisman Watch: UCLA @ California
At this point, Troy Smith has all but won the Heisman. The only way that Troy will not be on stage in New York in a month is if somebody steals it from him. Only two players - Marshawn Lynch and Brady Quinn - even have a shot at doing that, after Steve Slaton/Pat White watched their chances fade to black in Louisville on yesterday. Brady Quinn has the USC game to try to win the Heisman. Marshawn Lynch has Saturday night's rivalry game with UCLA, and his matchup with USC to make a run. That being said, it will take a superhuman November from either to pull off this Heisman Heist.

Monday, October 30, 2006

The Stanford Tree...Um...Yeah

This is why mascots should not be kindergarten art projects.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Play Tusk! Top 25

1. Ohio State
2. Michigan
3. West Virginia
4. Texas
5. Auburn
6. Louisville
7. Tennessee
8. Florida
9. Southern California
10. Louisiana State
11. California
12. Notre Dame
13. Boise State
14. Rutgers
15. Arkansas
16. Georgia Tech
17. Clemson
18. Oklahoma
19. Wisconsin
20. Boston College
21. Oregon
22. Wake Foreste
23. Texas A&M
24. Virginia Tech
25. Nebraska

Friday, October 27, 2006

Game 7: Oregon State

Game 7 Preview: The Oregon State Beavers (4-3, 2-2) come in to Saturday's game riding a two-game winning streak, with victories on the road against Washington State and Arizona. The offensive leaders for the Beavers include junior tailback Yvenson Bernard and the dangerous connection between senior quarterback Matt Moore and junior wideout Sammie Stroughter. The most dangerous defensive player for the Beavers is probably junior linebacker Derrick Doggett, who leads the team in tackles and tackles for loss, and is second on the team with two interceptions.

Oregon State Beavers: By The Numbers
Offense: (National Ranking, Pac-10 Ranking)
Rushing: 127.4 yds/gm (76, 7)
Passing: 234.4 yds/gm (33, 4)
Total: 361.9 yds/gm (48, 7)
Scoring: 24.4 pts/gm (55, 5)

Defense: (National Ranking, Pac-10 Ranking)
Rushing: 96.86 yds/gm (19, 2)
Passing: 188.1 yds/gm (47, 6)
Passing Efficiency: 113 (38, 4)
Total: 285 yds/gm (26, 3)
Scoring: 20 pts/gm (47, 5)

Miscellaneous: (National Ranking, Pac-10 Ranking)
Turnovers: -1
Sacks: +9

USC Trojans: By The Numbers
Offense: (National Ranking, Pac-10 Ranking)
Rushing: 163 yds/gm (37, 4)
Passing: 232.7 yds/gm (34, 5)
Total: 395.7 yds/gm (24, 4)
Scoring: 30 pts/gm (22, 3)

Defense: (National Ranking, Pac-10 Ranking)
Rushing: 100.2 yds/gm (25, 3)
Passing: 182.2 yds/gm (44, 4)
Passing Efficiency: 136 (41, 3)
Total: 282.3 yds/gm (22, 2)
Scoring: 15 pts/gm (19, 1)

Miscellaneous: (National Ranking, Pac-10 Ranking)
Turnovers: +3
Sacks: +1

Analysis: This is an Oregon State team that has the potential to play with anybody in the Pac-10, proving that with a close loss to Washington State, and their last two wins against Washington and Arizona. However, so far this season, the Beavers have failed to show up against their better opponents (California and Boise State). The Trojans are coming off of a bye, giving the players and extra week to rest, and Pete Carroll and extra week to prepare. Unless the Trojans are looking past the Beavers, which will not happen because the team on the horizon is Stanford, this one should not be a contest (unless the Fog rolls in to Reser, again). Trojans should win this one big - but then again, I have been saying that for weeks and we all know the results of the last few games.
USC: 34
Oregon State: 10

The Friday Tailgate

Play Tusk! Picks Against the Spread
Record: 15-9 (3-5)

Game 1: Oklahoma +2 @ Missouri
Winner: Missouri

Game 2: Georgia +13.5 @ Florida
Winner: Florida

Game 3: Texas -11 @ Texas Tech
Winner: Texas

Game 4: Tennessee -4 @ South Carolina
Winner: Tennessee

Game 5: Miami +5.5 @ Georgia Tech
Winner: Miami

Hometown Teams

Go U Northwestern! Northwestern +30 @ Michigan
Winner: Northwestern

Shoulder to Shoulder! Colorado +2 @ Kansas
Winner: Colorado

Fight on! USC -11 @ Oregon State
Winner: USC


Game of the Week: Georgia @ Florida
The World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party of 2006 features two (formerly) highly-rated rivals out of the SEC, with both teams coming off of losses (including two straight for the Dawgs). Both of these teams still have talent, and the winner of this game will be right in the middle of the SEC East race, while the loser can start preparing for next season. With so much on the line between these historic rivals, this one should be a classic.

Upset Watch: Tennessee @ South Carolina
The Ol' Ballcoach beat the Vols in Neyland Stadium last year, but then again, who didn't? This is (obviously) a new Tennessee squad, but anytime you have to face Spurrier in his own back yard you better be ready for a dogfight. The underdog Gamecocks, who should have almost upset Auburn in their last home game, will give the Vols a very good test this weekend. I think that the Vols will pull this off, but it will require some 4th quarter heroics.

Heisman Watch: Minnesota @ Ohio State
Adrian Peterson is injured. West Virginia has a bye week. That leaves Troy Smith as the lone (legitimate) Heisman contender competing this weekend. Troy Smith and the Buckeyes should continue to roll against a mediocre Gopher's squad this weekend, and Smith's chokehold on the bronze statue should continue to tighten.

Monday, October 23, 2006

It's Midterms... I dont have time to make a real post. Enjoy this clip about the USC-Notre Dame Rivalry!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

The Sunday Hangover

Almost Upset Saturday
This weekend can only be called one thing, Almost Upset Saturday. The Huskers almost upset the Longwhorns in Lincoln, while the Crimson Tide almost upset the Vols down in Rocky Top. UCLA almost upset Touchdown Jesus in South Bend, and Duke almost upset the hapless Canes in Durham. Washington sent Cal to overtime with a Hail Mary in their almost upset attempt, while Oklahoma State went to overtime with Texas A&M and almost upset the Aggies. Ohio State continued to roll, and with their schedule, should continue to roll until the Wolverines invade Columbus in November. Clemson dominated Georgia Tech, and held a coming out party for college football's newest two-headed running back monster - sophomore James Davis and freshman CJ Spiller - almost looking like an ACC version of Reggie and Lendale. And I almost forgot, Rutgers is still undefeated.

Best Win: Clemson d. Georgia Tech
Clemson dominated Georgia Tech on both sides of the ball - rushing for 338 yards while holding Tech's All-World Calvin Johnson to ZERO receptions. This game legitimizes Clemson as one of the premier one-loss teams in the natio; and with Miami and Virginia Tech both in down years, makes them the heavy favorite to walk away with the ACC crown,

Worst Loss: Michigan State d. Northwestern
The Wildcats scored a touchdown to give them a 35 point lead with less than 10 minutes remaining in the 3rd quarter. This was not just any 35 point lead - this was a 5 TD dominating performance against the most clueless program int he Big 10. This was a Spartan team that, from all signs, given up on their season and their coach. This was a Spartan team that appeared as if they didn't want to win. And it was a 35 point lead. Well, needless to say the Spartans completed Division 1-A's largest comeback of all time and handed the Wildcat's one of the worst losses in recent memory.

Biggest Upset: Washington State d. Oregon
The Quack Attack waltzed into Pullman and as a contender for the Pac 10 title and were completely dominated by the Cougs. The Ducks piled on 20 points in the 4th quarter to make the score respectable, but never came close to making this a game. Don't look now, but Bill Doba has the Cougs at 5-3, with their 3 losses to Auburn, USC and California - all top 10 teams.

Best Play: Carl Bonnell TD Pass to Marlon Wood
Bonnell showed the world his best Doug Flutie impression with his scrambling heave to the endzone as time expired in Strawberry Canyon. Luckily for Bonnell, the three Cal defenders that had a shot at the ball collided and tipped it right into the hands of Washington's Marlon Wood - completing on the more improbably plays in recent memory. Unfortunately for the Huskies, Carl Bonnell reminded everyone that he still is, well, Carl Bonnell with his 5th interception of the game in overtime to end the upset bid.

Worst Play: Northwestern's 4th Quarter
A pathetic showing by the Wildcats, allowing the biggest comeback in 1-A history to a team that had seemingly forgotten how to put on a jockstrap. It would be an epic collapse, but neither of teams can possible be involved in anything described as "epic."

Images of the Day:
CJ Spiller Is Still Running Through The Tech Defense (..and here comes James Davis)

Black Shirts Fall Short

Ray Rice and Rutgers Still....Undefeated!?!

Play Tusk! Top 25

1. Ohio State
2. Michigan
3. Southern California
4. West Virginia
5. Texas
6. Auburn
7. Louisville
8. Tennessee
9. Florida
10. Louisiana State
11. Clemson
12. California
13. Notre Dame
14. Boise State
15. Rutgers
16. Arkansas
17. Georgia Tech
18. Oklahoma
19. Wisconsin
20. Georgia
21. Missouri
22. Nebraska
23. Boston College
24. Oregon
25. Wake Forest

Saturday, October 21, 2006

The Friday Tailgate

Play Tusk! Picks Against the Spread
Record: 11-6 (2-4)

Game 1: Texas -6 @ Nebraska
Winner: Nebraska

Game 2: UCLA +13.5 @ Notre Dame
Winner: Notre Dame

Game 3: Iowa +13.5 @ Michigan
Winner: Michigan

Game 4: Rutgers +6.5 @ Pittsburgh
Winner: Rutgers

Game 5: Georgia Tech +7 @ Clemson
Winner: Georgia Tech

Hometown Teams

Go U Northwestern! Michigan State -8.5 @ Northwestern
Winner: Northwestern

Shoulder to Shoulder! Colorado +14 @ Oklahoma
Winner: Colorado

Fight on! Bye Week
Winner: FIGHT ON!


Game of the Week: Texas @ Nebraska
With Texas among the top national title contenders with a loss, this game could either boost them to the top of that list or end their hopes altogether. A win for Nebraska could push them towards the Top 10 and give them a substantial lead in the Big 12 North. With the game being in Lincoln, and with so much on the line for both teams (a second loss...), this game should be very competitive.

Upset Watch: Washington @ California
Well, this game looked like much more of an upset before Washington's senior QB Isiah Stanback went out with a season-ending injury. However, the Huskies are still better-than-average, and have a defense that could be capable of shutting down this Cal running attack - especially if Cal looks past this game.

Heisman Watch: Marshawn Lynch vs. Washington
Well, Troy Smith is still the leader for the Heisman, but he should tear up Indiana this week. So out of the rest of the Heisman candidates, Marshawn Lynch has the best opportunity to put on a show this week and push his name towards the front of the list. If Lynch has a great game, he will solidify himself among the top 3, with the others being Troy Smith and Steve Slaton - while keeping his team in the running for the Pac 10, and an outside shot at the title game.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Exact Moment Lou Holtz Went Insane

If you have seen Lou Holtz on ESPN recently, you will know that he is the most senile and confused person ever to be put in front of a camera. And on top of that, he is completely random and insane. Well, I recently found the exact event that started his downward spiral into "Granny Holtz." Enjoy.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Grumpy Old Men

It's now Tuesday of a Bye Week, meaning I really, really dont have anything to write about. So enjoy this gem from ESPNU, in which a UCLA alum takes out his lifetime of anger on a poor kid.

Ironically, UCLA uses the same slogan as ESPNU, "Never Graduate," for its new 4-6 year undergraduate program.

Only in the SEC

This one is kind of long...but so incredibly moronic.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Random Photoshop Work of the Day

Fight on, Giles Pellerin!

Well, we have a bye week here in the Land of Troy, so I will be bringing you random stories from around college football and the world of sports.

First up, one of the greatest Trojans of all time, Giles Pellerin. Giles attended 797 consecutive USC games over a period of 73 years, including every USC-Notre Dame game played between 1926, when the series started, and 1998, when he passed away. An unbelievable story! Fight on, Giles Pellerin!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Top Five(s)

Heisman Contenders:
1. Troy Smith - Ohio State
2. Steve Slaton - West Viriginia
3. Marshawn Lynch - California
4. Pat White - West Virginia
5. Garrett Wolfe - Northern Illinois

National Championship Contenders:
1. Ohio State
2. Michigan
3. Southern California
4. West Virginia
5. Texas

Upcoming Games:
1. Georgia Tech @ Clemson
2. Texas @ Nebraska
3. Rutgers @ Pittsburgh
4. Iowa @ Michigan
5. UCLA @ Notre Dame

Coaches on the Hot Seat:
1. Larry Coker
2. John L. Smith
3. Dirk Koetter
4. Chuck Amato
5. Don Strock

The Sunday Hangover

Upset Saturday?
There were upsets, and upset threats, all across the nation on Saturday. Indiana, Wake Forest and Vanderbilt beat ranked opponents, while AP #2 falls for the second straight week in Jordan-Hare - the fourth AP #2 to lose so far this year (Notre Dame, Texas, Auburn, Florida). Miami proved, once again, why they are the unquestioned Thug U of the NCAA. Undefeated Missouri falls in College Station, while Rutgers (Yes, Rutgers) remains undefeated. Texas Tech scored just 6 points - and Colorado scored 30 - in a Buffs win in Boulder. The Buckeyes and Wolverines continue to roll up in Big 10 country - setting up what could be one of biggest regular season matchup in years.

Best Win: Auburn d. Florida
The Tigers manage to beat the #2 in the nation without scoring an offensive touchdown. This win gives the Tigers some hope in the tight SEC race, and puts them back in the national title race should enough undefeated teams fall. Florida should have won this game, but imploded in the second half. The Gaotrs should still win the SEC East for a shot at a BCS game, but there are no guarantee's in today's SEC.

Worst Loss: Vanderbilt d. Georgia
The Bulldogs get embarrassed "Between The Hedges" by good ol' Vandy. And this isnt Jay Cutler's Vanderbilt. This is a Commodore's team that only had wins against Temple and Tennessee State. Seriously, Georiga needs re-evaluate their season goals after back-to-back home losses.

Biggest Upset: Indiana d. Iowa
A great win for a good coach and a program on its way up, at least by Indiana standards. The Hoosiers are going through an emotional season with coach Terry Hoeppner undergoing brain surgery, and continue to play inspired football. Don't be surprised if this team pulls off another big upset this season.

Best Play: Any Time Pat White Touched the Ball
The 'Eers QB rushed for, get this, 247 yards and 4 TD's in Saturday's win over Syracuse. Yes, it was Syracuse, but this performance by White not only throws his name into the middle of the Heisman race, but begins to legitimize West Viriginia as a title contender. The spread offense usually has a hard time winning titles, but Vince Young proved it is possible in the Rose Bowl. West Viriginia has three more tough conference games, but if they win out and White continues to perform like this, they could be a serious threat.

Worst Play: Arizona State Punts Away the Game
(Former) Coach Dirk Koetter punts with just a minute and a half remaining, leaving his team no chance to win. With just two timeouts remaining, Arizona State had no chance to stop USC from running out the clock. Especially dissapointing for the Devils' players after completing a 21 point comeback. Dirk Koetter has no business coaching at this level if he continues to make decisions like this.

Images of the Day:

#2 Falls in Jordan-Hare....Again

The Moment Larry Coker Realizes He Has Lost Control

Adrian "All-Day" Peterson Injured

Fight on Adrian!

Thug U

"I think that it will affect the image of our program greatly, but in a positive way," Miami coach Larry Coker said. "I think that when they see the video and they see how it was handled they will be impressed with our players. This will not be a very big thing for the University of Miami. It was impressive in that it was handled very well."

Before I start ranting about the 'Canes, I will acknowledge that FIU is equally at fault for the embarrassing brawl at the Orange Bowl on Saturday. However, Miami is the nationally recognized program. The Canes players were the ones seen swinging helmets and stomping on opposing players. Additionally, Canes players were seemingly celebrating the fight on the sideline and on their way off the field (after being ejected).

This program is an absolute embarrassment to the University, the ACC and the NCAA. Larry Coker has no control over his players and should be fired immediately - there is no longer a reason to wait for the season to end before getting rid of this fool. The players seen stomping on opponents (and swinging helmets) should be given heavy suspensions, they do not deserve to play college football.

A Breif Look at the 'Canes Embarrassments Under Coker

What Gun Problem?

Here's A Shocker...A Fight

Dont Forget the 7th Floor Crew...

...and the "Soldier"

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Play Tusk! Top 25

1. Ohio State
2. Michigan
3. Southern California
4. West Viriginia
5. Texas
6. Auburn
7. Tennessee
8. Florida
9. Louisville
10. California
11. Louisiana State
12. Notre Dame
13. Clemson
14. Georgia Tech
15. Boise State
16. Oregon
17. Rutgers
18. Nebraska
19. Georgia
20. Arkansas
21. Oklahoma
22. Wisconsin
23. Missouri
24. Boston College
25. Iowa

Friday, October 13, 2006

The Friday Tailgate

Play Tusk! Picks Against The Spread
(Updated) Record: 11-6 (2-4)

Game 1: Florida -2.5 @ Auburn
Winner Auburn

Game 2: Michigan -6.5 @ Penn State
Winner Michigan

Game 3: Ohio State -14.5 @ Michigan State
Winner Ohio State

Game 4: UCLA +9 @ Oregon
Winner Oregon

Game 5: Rutgers +2.5 @ Navy
Winner Rutgers

Hometown Teams
Go U Northwestern! Purdue -7.5 @ Northwestern
Winner: Northwestern

Shoulder to Shoulder! Texas Tech -7 @ Colorado
Winner: Colorado

Fight On! Arizona State +19 @ USC
Winner: USC


Game of the Week: Florida @ Auburn
Auburn just lost their #2 ranking after losing at home last week - and now they have the new #2 (in some polls) in their backyard this week. A win for the Tigers would shake up the SEC, and a victory for the Gators could cement them as the #2 team in the nation.

Upset Watch: California @ Washington State
The Coug's have been playing well this year, and Pullman is never an easy place to play. I think this could be "closer than the experts think," but in the end WSU will probably Coug' It!

Heisman Watch: Troy Smith @ Michigan State
The Heisman race is still wide open, but Troy Smith could pull away over the next few weeks if the Buckeyes continue to win.

Game 6: Arizona State

Game 6 Preview: The Arizona State Sun Devils (3-2, 0-2) come into Saturday's game at the Coliseum on the heels of two blowout losses to Cal and Oregon, with a bye last week. The Devils were a preseason Top 25 team, and have a roster loaded with talent. However, preseason QB controversies led to the transfer of Sam Keller, one of the top QBs in the country, leaving RS Sophomore Rudy Carpenter at the helm. The other key offensive players for ASU include running backs Ryan Torain and Keegan Herring and TE Zach Miller. The Devils are led defensively by senior linebacker Darron Ware and senior defensive back Zach Cantanese. Arizona State is coached by Dirk Koetter, who is in his sixth season with the team. Koetter has yet to win a Pac-10 game in the state of California.

Arizona State Sun Devils: By The Numbers
Offense: (National Ranking, Pac-10 Ranking)
Rushing: 172.8 yds/gm (29, 2)
Passing: 211.2 yds/gm (50, 6)
Total: 384 yds/gm (37, 5)
Scoring: 28.4 pts/gm (38, 4)

Defense: (National Ranking, Pac-10 Ranking)
Rushing: 153.4 yds/gm (89, 8)
Passing: 210.4 yds/gm (82, 6)
Passing Efficiency: 149.6 (106, 10)
Total: 363.8 yds/gm (89, 8)
Scoring: 27 pts/gm (91, 9)

Miscellaneous: (National Ranking, Pac-10 Ranking)
Turnovers: -4
Sacks: +5

USC Trojans: By The Numbers
Offense: (National Ranking, Pac-10 Ranking)
Rushing: 163.8 yds/gm (37, 5)
Passing: 249.6 yds/gm (25, 4)
Total: 413.4 yds/gm (19, 4)
Scoring: 30.4 pts/gm (31, 3)

Defense: (National Ranking, Pac-10 Ranking)
Rushing: 96 yds/gm (21, 2)
Passing: 193.8 yds/gm (56, 4)
Passing Efficiency: 104.2 (22, 2)
Total: 289.8 (28, 2)
Scoring: 13.8 pts/gm (15, 2)

Miscellaneous: (National Ranking, Pac-10 Ranking)
Turnovers: +4
Sacks: PUSH

Analysis: This Arizona State team has yet to find an identity on offense after the internal controversies that started the year, and yet to learn how to tackle on defense. Expect Chauncey Washington and Emmanuel Moody to run all over the Sun Devils, taking pressure of the Trojans' mediocre passing attack. Dwayne Jarrett and Steve Smith are expected to play this week, which will just compound problems for the ASU defense. However, dont expect Pete Carroll to try to win this game through the air. The Trojans have a far superior offensive line and rushing attack, and will be able to dominate the line of scrimmage. Defensively for the Trojans, having Sedrick Ellis back for the second straight week should strengthen the line and free up the linebackers to help slow down the above-average attack from the Sun Devils. Even if the Devils offense does manage to put some points on the board, the Trojans should not have any problems winning this one against one of the weakest defenses they will face all year.

USC - 45
ASU - 14

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Everything Sparky

Sparky Does Pushups Like Your Little Sister

"Smarter than most of the students...."

Mario's evil twin?

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Arizona State Look-a-Likes

Rudy Carpenter as...

Deryck Whibley of Sum 41?

Brent Miller as...

Shaggy? (Think blonde...)

Wes Evans as...


And Finally...

Keno Walter-White as...


Monday, October 09, 2006

Sun Devils (Break the) Law

The 2006 Arizona State football team used "Sun Devil Laws" as their advertising. I'll admit, the idea is pretty creative, but the end result is simply embarrassing. Here are some of my favorites...

Sun Devil Law #1

The team obeyed this law against D-1AA NAU, Nevada and winless Colorado. It seems as though the Devils have simply chosen to ignore this one since...

Sun Devil Law #14

Geography not the strongest program at ASU. Let's assume that Pasadena really is only 4482 yards from Tempe, Rudy Carpenter has just 1052 yards through the first five games of the season...I'm not a math major, but I dont think that is "on pace."

Sun Devil Law #32

Algebra is a junior class at ASU, which explains why sophomore QB Rudy Carpenter misunderstood this one. In just a few more weeks he will, however, figure out that W X 7 = Sun Bowl.

Sun Devil Law #51

Cuts and bruises may heal, but egos don't.

Sun Devil Law #67

Once again, Carpenter and the offense never received this memo, and decided to take it easy starting in early October. Lumbergh will make sure you get the memo next time, Rudy.

Sun Devil Law #79

The Devils have actually managed to follow this rule...well, their defense has.

If the Devils break any more laws, we are going to have to start referring to them as the Arizona State Seminoles (Hurricanes is also acceptable).