Monday, October 09, 2006

Sun Devils (Break the) Law

The 2006 Arizona State football team used "Sun Devil Laws" as their advertising. I'll admit, the idea is pretty creative, but the end result is simply embarrassing. Here are some of my favorites...

Sun Devil Law #1

The team obeyed this law against D-1AA NAU, Nevada and winless Colorado. It seems as though the Devils have simply chosen to ignore this one since...

Sun Devil Law #14

Geography not the strongest program at ASU. Let's assume that Pasadena really is only 4482 yards from Tempe, Rudy Carpenter has just 1052 yards through the first five games of the season...I'm not a math major, but I dont think that is "on pace."

Sun Devil Law #32

Algebra is a junior class at ASU, which explains why sophomore QB Rudy Carpenter misunderstood this one. In just a few more weeks he will, however, figure out that W X 7 = Sun Bowl.

Sun Devil Law #51

Cuts and bruises may heal, but egos don't.

Sun Devil Law #67

Once again, Carpenter and the offense never received this memo, and decided to take it easy starting in early October. Lumbergh will make sure you get the memo next time, Rudy.

Sun Devil Law #79

The Devils have actually managed to follow this rule...well, their defense has.

If the Devils break any more laws, we are going to have to start referring to them as the Arizona State Seminoles (Hurricanes is also acceptable).

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