Tuesday, December 05, 2006

(Baby) Blue Saturday

The Bruins beat the Trojans this weekend - the second loss for the Men of Troy in their last two trips to Pasadena. An especially sad loss for Play Tusk!, as Trojan fans were unable to enjoy the namesake of this site on Saturday. In addition, the mascot of this site, the Victory Bell, has been handed back to the boys of Westwood - and repainted in the most obnoxious color this side of Irish green...baby blue.

It is not all bad news for our Trojans - they are still Pac 10 champions for a record 5th straight season. Oh yeah, and they have a date with the Wolverines at the Grandaddy on News Year Day.

In response to the loss...and the regeneration of a rivalry that has been relatively lame for the better part of the last 15 years...this website has started a Countdown Clock recognizing the date at which we will return our precious bell to its rightful color of Cardinal. In addition, that school in Westwood will no longer be referred to by name - I just can't stand to write it.

Fight on and Beat the Wolverines! Let's bring another Rose Bowl Championship back to Troy!

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