Sunday, October 22, 2006

The Sunday Hangover

Almost Upset Saturday
This weekend can only be called one thing, Almost Upset Saturday. The Huskers almost upset the Longwhorns in Lincoln, while the Crimson Tide almost upset the Vols down in Rocky Top. UCLA almost upset Touchdown Jesus in South Bend, and Duke almost upset the hapless Canes in Durham. Washington sent Cal to overtime with a Hail Mary in their almost upset attempt, while Oklahoma State went to overtime with Texas A&M and almost upset the Aggies. Ohio State continued to roll, and with their schedule, should continue to roll until the Wolverines invade Columbus in November. Clemson dominated Georgia Tech, and held a coming out party for college football's newest two-headed running back monster - sophomore James Davis and freshman CJ Spiller - almost looking like an ACC version of Reggie and Lendale. And I almost forgot, Rutgers is still undefeated.

Best Win: Clemson d. Georgia Tech
Clemson dominated Georgia Tech on both sides of the ball - rushing for 338 yards while holding Tech's All-World Calvin Johnson to ZERO receptions. This game legitimizes Clemson as one of the premier one-loss teams in the natio; and with Miami and Virginia Tech both in down years, makes them the heavy favorite to walk away with the ACC crown,

Worst Loss: Michigan State d. Northwestern
The Wildcats scored a touchdown to give them a 35 point lead with less than 10 minutes remaining in the 3rd quarter. This was not just any 35 point lead - this was a 5 TD dominating performance against the most clueless program int he Big 10. This was a Spartan team that, from all signs, given up on their season and their coach. This was a Spartan team that appeared as if they didn't want to win. And it was a 35 point lead. Well, needless to say the Spartans completed Division 1-A's largest comeback of all time and handed the Wildcat's one of the worst losses in recent memory.

Biggest Upset: Washington State d. Oregon
The Quack Attack waltzed into Pullman and as a contender for the Pac 10 title and were completely dominated by the Cougs. The Ducks piled on 20 points in the 4th quarter to make the score respectable, but never came close to making this a game. Don't look now, but Bill Doba has the Cougs at 5-3, with their 3 losses to Auburn, USC and California - all top 10 teams.

Best Play: Carl Bonnell TD Pass to Marlon Wood
Bonnell showed the world his best Doug Flutie impression with his scrambling heave to the endzone as time expired in Strawberry Canyon. Luckily for Bonnell, the three Cal defenders that had a shot at the ball collided and tipped it right into the hands of Washington's Marlon Wood - completing on the more improbably plays in recent memory. Unfortunately for the Huskies, Carl Bonnell reminded everyone that he still is, well, Carl Bonnell with his 5th interception of the game in overtime to end the upset bid.

Worst Play: Northwestern's 4th Quarter
A pathetic showing by the Wildcats, allowing the biggest comeback in 1-A history to a team that had seemingly forgotten how to put on a jockstrap. It would be an epic collapse, but neither of teams can possible be involved in anything described as "epic."

Images of the Day:
CJ Spiller Is Still Running Through The Tech Defense (..and here comes James Davis)

Black Shirts Fall Short

Ray Rice and Rutgers Still....Undefeated!?!

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