Saturday, November 04, 2006

The Sunday Hangover

The Trojans are back, and still in control of their own (Rose Bowl) destiny. However, the three teams that the Trojans will face in the next three weeks looked stellar, with Oregon, Notre Dame and Cal all winning big. Michigan and Ohio State both win by just one possession - but in Novemeber, winning is winning. Speaking of winning - the Gators hang on against Vandy - and clinch a spot in the SEC title game. If Florida wins out, they have a legitimate argument for a spot in the national title game (along with Louisville, USC, Cal, Texas, Auburn, Ohio State, Michigan and Notre Dame). The two teams off this list that can avoid mistakes from here on out will be in Glendale come January.

Best Win: Louisville d. West Virginia
Louisville proved that they are for real - at least until they play undefeated Rutgers this week. The winner of this game would have the inside track to the national title game - and Louisville simply outplayed a West Virginia team that experts thought would dominate.

Worst Loss: Maryland d. Clemson
Since beating Georgia Tech a few weeks ago, and doing so in convincing fashion, the Tigers have simply choked - losing to unranked (at the time) Virginia Tech and Maryland. The pressure of late season games seems to have caught up with this young Clemson squad. The Tigers have almost no shot at playing for an ACC title - this season's hopes are all but gone for a once promising team.

Biggest Upset: Arizona d. Washington State
The Cougs had finally cracked the top 25 - and then, like always - they Coug'd It. Arizona is a decent team - but Washington State had been rolling and they had the Cats at home! Arizona could soon be a force in the Pac 10 if they continue their steady improvement under (Mike) Stoops.

Best Play: Desean Jackson Punt Return
Desean Jackson's punt return late in the 3rd quarter sealed the victory against the rival Bruins, and helps to set up a mammoth matchup with LA's other team in two weeks - as long as the Trojans and Bears can get it done this week against the Ducks and Wildcats. This was Desean's third punt return touchdown this year - and his explosiveness could be a huge factor on the 18th in the Coliseum.

Worst Play: Joe Pa's Knee Injury
79-year-old Joe Paterno took a helmet to his left knee in a collision that would leave most top athletes with 9-months of recovery. Joe Pa tried to tough it out, but was clearly in too much pain to even stand. I wish this great coach the best of luck in recovery from a pretty devasting injury.

Images of the Day:

Early Doucet and the Bayou Bengals Drop Tennessee in Rocky Top

McFadden and The Hogs Continue to Win

Fade to Black: Louisville in the Title Hunt After Upsetting the 'Eers

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