Sunday, November 12, 2006

The Sunday Hangover

The Game of the Century is now set for next week in Columbus. Meeechigan and THE Ohio State both managed to stay focused enough to stay undefeated - and now the nation will be treated to a #1 v. #2 game in one of the best rivalry games in the country. Thanks to upset losses by Louisville, Auburn and Texas the Trojans are back in the driver's seat to play in Glendale - with Urban Meyer and the Gators wondering about the computers (Ask 2003 USC or 2004 Auburn how that feels). The Trojans, however, have a gauntlet ahead of them with Cal, Notre Dame and the pesky cross-town bRuins in the next three weeks. This should (continue) to be a great November. This is why we all watch college football!

Best Win: Rutgers d. Louisville
For the second straight week, the Thursday night game featured a Big East team winning the "biggest game in the history of the program." And what a great win it was for Greg Schiano and the Scarlet Knights. Do they deserve a title shot if they run the table? Probably. But they wont get it. They will, however, earn the respect of the college football world - which is saying a lot considering they were the laughing stock of the nation just a few short years ago.

Worst Loss: Georgia d. Auburn
This is the same Georgia team that lost to Kentucky last week. As in, the Kentucky "When does basketball start?" Wildcats. Why is it that Tuberville's team always seems to be looking toward the future? Well, when the head coach is constantly making public statements about the current BCS Standings it is easy to figure out why this team seems to lack focus for the "lull" games. Maybe it is a hangover from the 2004 season, but Tuberville needs to get his team to starting winning games and stop worrying about the rankings.

Biggest Upset: Arizona d. California
Well, if Tommy Tuberville is not elligible for the "Tommy Tuberville Award For Looking Past a Team", than Jeff Tedford wins it this week. With a potentially HUGE game with the Trojans next Saturday, the Bears waltzed into the desert with one loss on their record, and limped out with two. Mike Stoops seems to be making these ambushes a yearly occurance, and dont be surprised if the 'Cats start winning much more often in the years to come.

Best Play: Florida's Jarvis Moss Blocks FG To Beat The Gamecocks
This play not only won the game against the Ol' Ballcoach, but keeps the Gators in contention for the title. Although they are currently #4 in the BCS, a lot can happen between now and then. Moss just helped to keep the Gator's travel plans up in the air.

Worst Play: Louisville Offsides on FG Attempt
I understand that the kid is trying to make a play...but offsides? Seriously. Well, Louisville is now out of the title picture and Rutgers (RUTGERS!!!) is still undefeated. Just a terrible mental mistake that cost his team the game. Granted, overtime on the road is tough - but the Knights' confidence would have taken a shot with that miss.

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#1 Ohio State vs. #2 Michigan - Let's Play Some Football


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