Sunday, October 15, 2006

The Sunday Hangover

Upset Saturday?
There were upsets, and upset threats, all across the nation on Saturday. Indiana, Wake Forest and Vanderbilt beat ranked opponents, while AP #2 falls for the second straight week in Jordan-Hare - the fourth AP #2 to lose so far this year (Notre Dame, Texas, Auburn, Florida). Miami proved, once again, why they are the unquestioned Thug U of the NCAA. Undefeated Missouri falls in College Station, while Rutgers (Yes, Rutgers) remains undefeated. Texas Tech scored just 6 points - and Colorado scored 30 - in a Buffs win in Boulder. The Buckeyes and Wolverines continue to roll up in Big 10 country - setting up what could be one of biggest regular season matchup in years.

Best Win: Auburn d. Florida
The Tigers manage to beat the #2 in the nation without scoring an offensive touchdown. This win gives the Tigers some hope in the tight SEC race, and puts them back in the national title race should enough undefeated teams fall. Florida should have won this game, but imploded in the second half. The Gaotrs should still win the SEC East for a shot at a BCS game, but there are no guarantee's in today's SEC.

Worst Loss: Vanderbilt d. Georgia
The Bulldogs get embarrassed "Between The Hedges" by good ol' Vandy. And this isnt Jay Cutler's Vanderbilt. This is a Commodore's team that only had wins against Temple and Tennessee State. Seriously, Georiga needs re-evaluate their season goals after back-to-back home losses.

Biggest Upset: Indiana d. Iowa
A great win for a good coach and a program on its way up, at least by Indiana standards. The Hoosiers are going through an emotional season with coach Terry Hoeppner undergoing brain surgery, and continue to play inspired football. Don't be surprised if this team pulls off another big upset this season.

Best Play: Any Time Pat White Touched the Ball
The 'Eers QB rushed for, get this, 247 yards and 4 TD's in Saturday's win over Syracuse. Yes, it was Syracuse, but this performance by White not only throws his name into the middle of the Heisman race, but begins to legitimize West Viriginia as a title contender. The spread offense usually has a hard time winning titles, but Vince Young proved it is possible in the Rose Bowl. West Viriginia has three more tough conference games, but if they win out and White continues to perform like this, they could be a serious threat.

Worst Play: Arizona State Punts Away the Game
(Former) Coach Dirk Koetter punts with just a minute and a half remaining, leaving his team no chance to win. With just two timeouts remaining, Arizona State had no chance to stop USC from running out the clock. Especially dissapointing for the Devils' players after completing a 21 point comeback. Dirk Koetter has no business coaching at this level if he continues to make decisions like this.

Images of the Day:

#2 Falls in Jordan-Hare....Again

The Moment Larry Coker Realizes He Has Lost Control

Adrian "All-Day" Peterson Injured

Fight on Adrian!

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