Sunday, October 15, 2006

Thug U

"I think that it will affect the image of our program greatly, but in a positive way," Miami coach Larry Coker said. "I think that when they see the video and they see how it was handled they will be impressed with our players. This will not be a very big thing for the University of Miami. It was impressive in that it was handled very well."

Before I start ranting about the 'Canes, I will acknowledge that FIU is equally at fault for the embarrassing brawl at the Orange Bowl on Saturday. However, Miami is the nationally recognized program. The Canes players were the ones seen swinging helmets and stomping on opposing players. Additionally, Canes players were seemingly celebrating the fight on the sideline and on their way off the field (after being ejected).

This program is an absolute embarrassment to the University, the ACC and the NCAA. Larry Coker has no control over his players and should be fired immediately - there is no longer a reason to wait for the season to end before getting rid of this fool. The players seen stomping on opponents (and swinging helmets) should be given heavy suspensions, they do not deserve to play college football.

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