Sunday, October 08, 2006

The Sunday Hangover

Shakeup Saturday: What a great day of college football...especially down in the SEC. The Hogs stunned Tuberville's Tigers; the Gators proved that they are the best team in the SEC East (at least for this weekend); and Smokey out-barked Uga Between the Hedges. Elsewhere in the country, the RRR left Sooners crying, while Huskies were crying foul at the end of their battle with the Trojans in Los Angeles. Cal trucked the Ducks in Berkeley, and Michigan continued to roll up in Ann Arbor.

Best Win: Cal d. Oregon
This win sets up a huge showdown in late November with the Trojans...unless one (or both) of these teams chokes before then. Cal proved that they are at least the second best team in the Pac 10 - with many calling for the dethroning of the Trojans. Dennis Dixon and the Ducks will recover, but make no mistake about it - the Pac 10 is a two-team race now. The only negative from this game was the uniforms...holy god these two teams need help in the fashion department.

Worst Loss: Baylor d. Colorado
This isnt "the same" Baylor team, and Colorado is "learning a new scheme," but it is still Baylor. At least the Buffs are getting finding a new head coach. I am all for giving Hawkins at least one more full season to turn it around, but things are not looking pretty in Boulder right now.

Biggest Upset: Arkansas d. Auburn
Is Arkansas really this good? Clearly not the same team that faced the Trojans earlier in the season - with a healthy McFadden and a new starting QB - but are they really this good? The Hogs now have complete control of their own destiny and Auburn is left playing catchup for the rest of the season.

Best Play: Desean Jackson Punt Return
The Bears' WR doing his best Reggie Bush impression - reversed his field not once, but twice - before turning the ball upfield and taking it 80 yards to the house. This play, unfortunately, also saw Oregon's Dante Rosario doing his best Albert Haynesworth impression into the back of a Cal blocker.

Worst Play: Stanback Fails to Snap the Ball
So there should have been 5 seconds on the clock? Who cares...the refs delayed the game for over a minute (the clock should have restarted as soon as the chains were set) as Ty Willingham stood on the field. Despite this, Stanback failed to snap the ball after the refs restarted the clock. Period. He should have known that there were only 2 seconds on the clock, and that the clock was going to start. This one was not the refs fault.

Best Trick Play: Reggie Fish....?

Images of the Day:
Stealing the Hedges

The "Other" Florida Quarterback

(War) Eagle Gounded

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