Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The (Fighting) Illini

Last Saturday I noticed a clip of the Illinois Fighting Illini planting a flag, or attempting to plant a flag, on the "S" in Spartan Stadium. That's right...the 2-3 Illini felt that their last-second victory over a Michigan State team that has less hope remaining than the Chicago Cubs was deserving of the flag. Now, I'm not one to completely dismiss the "flag plant" as "classless", this is college football after all - it is supposed to be fun. But can we not save it for, how should I put it, important games? Or rivalry games?

However, I recently stumbled upon the fact that this Illini bunch has been planting flags throughout history. Much to my surprise this team has a rich tradition in planting flags, which I guess makes up for their lack of football tradition.

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