Friday, September 28, 2007

Teams to Laugh At:

This has been a hilarious season in college football...let's recap all of the great moments.

Preseason #5 Michigan loses too (Division Formerly Known as 1-AA) Appalachian State, at home. Seriously. Wow. Way to go, boys. Bo is proud.

Louisville loses to Syracuse, at home. The Cuse had already been blown out by Illinois and Washington, at the Carrier Dome. Good thing Brohm came back for his senior year. Hellllllloooooooo Heisman.

Notre Dame is 0-4 (for the first time in 119 years), with loses to Georgia Tech, Penn State, Michigan and Michigan State. And by this time tomorrow they will be 0-5. Good thing Charlie got that contract extension.

(Division Formerly Known as 1-AA) Northern Iowa beats Iowa State...Iowa State beats Iowa. Panthers claim the Cy-Hawk trophy...take one look at it, and give it back. But seriously...UNI is the best team in the state.

(What a shitty trophy...seriously)

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